Activities are the mainstay of any community center. Some of our activities have been happening for a decade or more, such as North Seattle Kempo-Karate School and Dancing Shadows Round Dance Club.

We are happy to announce in just the past two weeks, three new activities have been added — Lake City Piano Academy, Lake City Sews, and Korean Martial Arts.

Lake City Cultural Arts

Lake City residents have an interest in the arts, we are told. Plans are in the making to develop a multi-cultural music and art program, with the desire to embrace visual media, dance, and theatre in the future.

There has been talk of a starting a Community Chorus or a Kid’s Chorus. Save for the boundaries of our four walls, there are no limits to what we can do here!

An exciting arts program needs people…leaders to help make it happen. Are you interested in being part of our Creative Team? Email Diane Haugen for more information, or call (206) 362-4378.