The building was constructed by the Lake City Lions Club of the time, fathers and uncles of the Lions’ members who have stewarded the property for nearly 70 years. In approximately 1955, the Lions’ sold the property and building to the City of Seattle for $1.

An L.L.C. was formed to manage the building as a rental facility. Private groups and associations rented space for dancing, hobbies and support groups. Fundraisers have been -and continue to be held- by the Lions’ for local elementary schools and other groups in our area.


Years past and the neighborhood changed. As the owners of the property, Seattle Parks and Recreation identified Lake City Community Center as a site located in an area prime for regular activities and programming that could serve residents of all ages. After an application and review process, the North Seattle Chamber of Commerce (NSCC) was selected as the new operator for the center.

Moving Forward

NSCC moved into the Center, Chamber office and all on January 2, 2013. Plans are being made for updating and remodeling, such as paint, color and cabinetry work. The City has approved funds for capital improvements, primarily for the building to meet current ADA requirements.