Welcome to the Lake City Community Center. This two-story  structure dating from 1944 houses classrooms, community meeting rooms, two Ballrooms and recreational spaces. The center is host to many community meetings, dinners, concerts, social gatherings, classes, dances, youth activities, and the arts. We lease or rent space to social services providers, groups representing a wide diversity of community interests and related private businesses. 

The building has seen many decades, however there’s definitely a romance side to a building that has a heritage, and then there’s the practical side.  “We’re constantly measuring what (features) have charm and romance–what we’re able to keep and what we’re not.” Our job here at the ‘Center’ is to combine the charm of the past with the modern.

The diversity of the site and facilities warmly accommodate the diverse interests and needs of the community and neighborhood. The residents and those who work in the community grew up with the Lake City Community Center. Many have fond memories of going there for dinners and birthday parties and social functions.